Tamara Winfrey-Harris and co-author DeShong Perry-Smitherman are researching their upcoming book, tentatively titled

Saving Black Girlhood: Radical Intervention for Raising Alright Sisters

The book will explore threats to black girls’ well-being and suggest how those of us who love them might protect and nurture girls into strong and healthy young women with unlimited opportunities. It will explore self-image, relationships, poverty, education, mental health, violence, sex and the justice system among other issues, and preference the voices of black girls themselves. The authors are gathering information by studying the latest published research on black girls; interviewing black girls between 14 and 22 across the country; interviewing academics, experts, educators, parents and others who work closely with girls; conducting a national survey; and executing several group photo/voice projects.

If you are a parent, expert or young woman interested in speaking with Tamara and DeShong, please fill out the contact form below, or email Tami directly at tamara@www.tamarawinfreyharris.com.

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