Tamara is available to speak about race and gender and their intersection with pop culture, politics and current events. Talk to her about customizing a lecture or workshop or choose from one of the existing presentations below:

Mad Women, Rump Shakers and Bad Mamas

This presentation uses humor, history and frank talk to reveal how stereotypes like Jezebel, Sapphire, Mammy and the Matriarch persist in the 21st century and how they influence the lives of black women. 60 minutes. (Interactivity can be added to this workshop.)

Serena: Superwomen as Every(black)woman  – NEW

That stereotype still influences how America views black women is made clear by examining discussions surrounding black women in the public eye. This presentation uses media coverage of tennis superstar, Serena Williams, and other high-profile black women, to illustrate this fact. 60 minutes.

Sisterhood and Self-Care Can Save Our Lives

Belief in the strong black woman myth affects how society sees black women and how they see themselves. Often black women ignore their own vulnerability even as they are breaking physically and emotionally. This inspiring presentation is perfect for groups of black women. It interrogates the devastating effects of the strong black women stereotype and offers a blueprint for healing. 60 minutes. (Interactivity can be added to this workshop.)

Black (Women) Power – NEW

Modern black women are using their power in surprising ways. Indeed it was three black women who founded Black Lives Matter, taking a central role in a new civil rights movement. This presentation looks at ways black women are harnessing their power to make societal change. 60 minutes.

Black Women: Writing Our Stories Workshop – NEW

Great for intimate groups of black women. This workshop encourages women to use writing for self-expression and emotional healing. Participants will respond to writing prompts inspired by The Sisters Are Alright: Changing the Broken Narrative of Black Women in America, sharing personal stories and providing feedback to one another. Tamara will talk about writing as a form of black female self-care and offer hints on crafting a writing life.