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For reading and speaking engagements, you may book Tamara through her CCMNT Speakers listing.

Tamara’s Agent:

Victoria Sanders & Associates
440 Buck Road
Stone Ridge, NY 12484 USA
tel (212) 633-8811


Sisterhood and Self-Care Can Save Our Lives

Belief in the strong black woman myth affects how society sees black women and how they see themselves. Often black women ignore their own vulnerability even as they are breaking physically and emotionally. This inspiring presentation is perfect for groups of black women. It interrogates the devastating effects of the strong black women stereotype and offers a blueprint for healing. 60 minutes. (Interactivity can be added to this workshop.)

The Real Work of Being an Ally

Never in a generation have women, people of color, and the LGBTQ community more dearly needed active allies to counter inequality. But the contours of active allyship are elusive to most people. It is easier to disapprove of injustice passively than it is to actually do something. Most of us lack experience resisting the prejudice baked into American society. And allyship is also stymied by the very human urge to begin our work outside. This 20-minute speech offers practical tips on being an active ally to marginalized people. 

Black Women: Writing Our Stories Workshop

Great for intimate groups of black women. This workshop encourages women to use writing for self-expression and emotional healing. Participants will respond to writing prompts inspired by The Sisters Are Alright: Changing the Broken Narrative of Black Women in America, sharing personal stories and providing feedback to one another. Tamara will talk about writing as a form of black female self-care and offer hints on crafting a writing life.g a writer, including lessons about business, maintaining the muse and more.

Mad Women, Rump Shakers and Bad Mamas

This presentation uses humor, history and frank talk to reveal how stereotypes like Jezebel, Sapphire, Mammy and the Matriarch persist in the 21st century and how they influence the lives of black women. 60 minutes. (Interactivity can be added to this workshop.)

Instructions for an Artist’s Life

In this presentation, Tamara shares what she has learned in more than 15 years of being a writer, including lessons about business, maintaining the muse and more.