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Cover by Adee Roberson

I am unbelievably excited about the official cover for The Sisters are Alright: Changing the Broken Narrative of Black Women in America. The illustration was created by artist, Adee Roberson, who told me this about the  inspiration for the image:

"The image of these four women is a Jamel Shabbaz photo from his collection of photography  'Back in the Days.' This photo represents so much depth to me. Black women possess so much joy and love, yet we are told that we do not deserve it. Then there is systematic oppression keeping our access to love, respect, joy and highest self-worth at arm's length. Through this collage I incorporated rich color, shapes and atmosphere that aim to recontextualize this narrative. In my work, I celebrate black cultural imagery; illustrating the histories, triumphs and struggles; illuminating the beauty that comes with that experience.  Art is powerful in the way that we can create our own universe in which our dreams and visions for the future come true."

Shout Out

Writer Aya De Leon's latest piece on Ebony.com, "#HowMediaWritesBlackWomen:
Reality TV vs. the Writer as Innovator," shouts out my article "Precious Mettle: The Myth of the Strong Black Woman." 

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